Sunday, March 3, 2013

Aerial Cinematography

My job took me across the globe
by John W.

My job included filming the C-141, C-130, C-5, JetStar and XV-4 Hummingbird. I worked closely with Lockheed's public information, sales and engineering departments by making film clips and longer films for their use. I also was responsible for the C-130 film annual reports. I am especially proud of a film I made from stock footage called "Operation Big Stick," featuring the C-130. The Air Force asked us to make masters so it could print and distribute the film. They later used my title, "Operation Big Stick," for an actual military training operation.

I also did a film featuring the C-130 Aerobatic Team, "The Four Horsemen," flying over the Grand Canyon. My travels filming Lockheed aircraft included trips to the South Pole and North Slope Alaska. I flew as far north as one can go with the Canadian Air Force. I went to the Caribbean, Paris Air Shows, Germany, Iran, Turkey, England, France and Japan. I was with the Air Force Squadron refueling from the C-130 over the Pacific Ocean. I filmed the Robert Fulton Recovery System in the Pacific as well. I filmed our aircraft throughout the United States at Air Force bases and test sites. I also covered activities at the Dawsonville, Georgia, nuclear site.