Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Long and the Short of It

All in a day’s work
by Herbert L.

While stationed at MOTU Norfolk, Virginia, I was to meet the USS Caron (DD-970) in Messina, Sicily, to repair an MK 86 transmitter problem. After a day with no ship in sight, I spoke to the port captain and was told the Caron was “Fini.” I called the unit in Norfolk and was advised to go to the MOTU in Naples to catch up with the ship. After a long train ride up the spine of Italy, I reported to MOTU and caught an S2F to Souda Bay, Crete. I boarded a tanker, the USS Neosho, and after three days, I was helicoptered to the Caron. She was repaired and an assistance call from the O'Bannon fielded the call and after correction returned to the tanker. Debarking in Sardinia, I flew to Rome and then CONUS. This is the short story.